Repatriation service

We’re here for you and your family through the most difficult times. We’ve partnered with Al Foah Funeral Services to offer repatriation and funeral services for all faiths and communities in the UAE.

Let us take care of the difficult details

We’ll take care of the entire repatriation process for cremated and human remains worldwide; from processing complex paperwork and dealing with local authorities, to preparing the deceased for transportation by air and organising special packaging for cremated remains.

We extend the utmost care and respect and ensure that we coordinate the entire repatriation process diligently, with absolutely no room for error.

We can also help with:

o Arrangements for transportation and the supply of the coffin or casket according to Etihad’s specifications
o Transportation to the airport from within the UAE
o Clearance at the final destination airport
o Collection by a funeral director at the destination
o Arrangements for burial or cremation in the destination country

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