Transport art and valuable items

FlyCulture is a tailored service for the transportation of rare and valuable paintings, sculptures and musical instruments. We’ll ship your valuable items across the globe safely, securely and discreetly.

Why choose FlyCulture?

Cargo Cargo

Dedicated pallets and cool room storage at the temperature required

arrival arrival

Aircraft positioning requested close to the Abu Dhabi Cargo Terminal for major and high value shipments over $10 million

group group

Monitored through the Abu Dhabi Cargo Terminal by a dedicated trained Etihad Cargo handling team

Cargo Cargo

Minimum cut off times for delivery to origin and confirmed booking on requested flight

icon icon

Priority delivery at destination and confirmation of arrival

agreement agreement

Pre-alert messaging from origin and destination and contact with an onboard courier or agent

Shipping large, high-value items

If your shipment is large enough to require a freighter aircraft, we will provide a seat for a courier to accompany the valuable shipment. We will also provide a single Economy ticket for the courier to return to the same origin (subject to availability).

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