Safely shipping your horses


SkyStables guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for our equine passengers and peace of mind for their owners. Take advantage of our global freighter network and charter services to ship to and from destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, America and, of course, our home, the Middle East.


Key highlights of this service are:

  • State of the art air stalls providing a comfortable environment for equine travel

  • Up to 25 air stalls can be carried on each of our B777 freighters

  • Veterinarian on call 24/7

  • Dedicated equined manager

  • Freighters can accomodate up to nine grooms to accompany the horses

  • Fully compliant with all IATA Live Animal Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

Email and calling the Etihad Live Animals (AVI) team.
Send a request with the desired date, origin and destination to the Etihad AVI team via email. The AVI team will then send a confirmation with the air waybill (AWB) number, booking information and details. The AVI team will then request documents for the grooms and the import permits which are required.
For the grooms we need Passport copy Courier application form (groom) We kindly advise that the agent is responsible for all the horse’s documents.

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* In order to provide you with our services, it is necessary for us to have accurate and current information about you. Before sending the completed form to us, please check it to have all the provided information accurately. If you are concerned that any of the information we hold about you is incorrect, out of date or may be used inappropriately, please contact us in any forms set out in our contact details section.

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