About PharmaLife 


We take the handling of pharmaceuticals very seriously. Using specially-designed temperature-controlled equipment, we transport pharmaceuticals in the quickest possible time, adhering to the highest compliance guidelines.

In recognition of our high standards, we were the first carrier in the Middle East to be awarded IATA’s Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification in Pharmaceutical Logistics. 


Key highlights of this service are:

  • Prioritised ground handling and loading, typical time of 60 minutes to the cooling facility.*

  • Temperature-controlled storage (+2⁰C to+8⁰C / +15⁰C to 25⁰C)

  • Dedicated pharmaceuticals customer service team

  • Pre-cooled thermo blanket protection to and from the aircraft

  • Temperature-controlled cargo hold in the aircraft

  • Trained and experienced ground handling

  • Convenient connections to over 83 destinations

  • 22 QEP certified stations
* May vary according to local SLA,contact us for specific location lead times
The HOPE Consortium
We're immensely proud to be a member of the HOPE Consortium; a complete supply chain solution to facilitate the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

PharmaLife active solutions: Our premium offering for pharmaceutical or healthcare products that are required to be shipped in a very steady and reliable environment, from shipper to consignee with no break in the chain. Working with the best partners around the world, we offer lease agreements for active and hybrid containers, which are controlled to maintain a set temperature between -50°c to +30°c. PharmaLife passive solutions: Booking and handling of your non-active pharmaceutical shipments, wether in +2°c +8°c (COL), +15°c +25°c (CRT) or +2°c +25°c (ERT) ranges during the main steps of a shipment journey. We are able to shield temperature sensitive products from the elements and extreme weather conditions and specially design for passive packing pharmaceuticals.
Set-point temperatures mean that products can be kept at an accurate and continuous temperature range, with vacuum and thermal insulation panels to avoid any exposure to external weather conditions, condensation or temperature fluctuation and deviations.
A cost-effective solution that enables larger quantities to move with no special package limitations (not applicable for out of gauge).
For non-highly sensitive goods, which are prepared and protected to endure the ambient conditions during the critical control point phases of the journey. passive pharmaceutical shipments in the ranges of 2-8°C & 15-25°C & 2-25°C with passive pharmaceutical autonomous packing are eligible for this service.
Yes, we offer a CRT Service (Controlled Room Temperature) with data records available on request.
Yes. Only active or hybrid containers provide real-time temperature readings on the screen.
Products are covered by pre-cooled thermal blankets and we use cool dollies for tarmac in cooperation with our GHA.
We offer three temperature ranges: COL (+2 degrees Celsius to +8 degrees Celsius), CRT (+15 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius) and ERT (+2 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius).
Yes. An onboard alert is sent to our Hub Control Centre and to the destination for prompt handling, storage and delivery.
We offer electrical heat and cool containers, compressor cooling dry-ice container (RAP and RKN size) and vacuum isolated panels and phase change material containers.
We’ll send an automatic pre-alert to prioritise the shipment towing to and from the aircraft, ensuring that it is kept in a room temperature-controlled warehouse. Thanks to our speedy ground logistics, we’re able to prioritise handling on the tarmac and avoid prolonged exposure to unsuitable temperatures.
Yes. Commodities under perishables, live human organs and narcotics classified as restricted goods will not be accepted.
We will accept pharmaceuticals for Etihad online stations only. No interline connections will be offered.
For more information or to book, please contact your local Etihad Cargo office
Yes. We understand that every shipment is different. Our agents are here to help make sure that we provide exactly what you need.