About CargoExtra


CargoExtra is our service offering that provides enhanced features compared with General Cargo, when you need that extra peace of mind.

This service focuses on several key elements that give you, the customer, more control over your shipments:


Key highlights of this service are:    


  • Priority access to capacity within 72 hours
  • Higher on board priority when compared with general cargo


  • 90 minute minimum connection times


CargoExtra is perfectly placed to give greater reassurance when you need it; deliver your shipment to us, just as it is booked; and we'll ensure it is flown as planned.



Frequently Asked Questions

Cargo Extra offers a medium priority Code (H2), which is higher than General Cargo but lower than FastTrack.
No, there is not a money back guarantee offered with CargoExtra.
Etihad does not have a pre-piece weight restriction.
Acceptance cut- off time is 480 minutes (8 hours) before departure. CargoExtra product is only valid for EY online destinations.
The following commodities cannot be accepted: Firearms/ammunition, Jewelry, Live Animals, Gold or Bullion, Valuables, Human remains , Perishables, Pharma and Dangerous Goods (Exception ELI is allowed)

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