Cargo tracking devices

We understand the need for end-to-end visibility across the journey of a shipment and that's why we have approved a wide range of different devices for use on our aircraft

List of approved devices

  • Cartasense U-Sensor
  • Controlant 10.01
  • DB Schenker Airfreight Smartbox Monitoring Device
  • GD100
  • OnAsset Sentinel Tags
  • ParceLive
  • RoamBee BeeSense
  • RoamBee BeeBeacon Aware
  • RoamBee BeeBeacon Sense
  • Sendum PT300D
  • Sentry 500
  • Sensitech TempTale 4
  • DHL Smart Sensor
  • Sensitech TempTale Ultra
  • Q-Tag
  • Apresys PDF Single Use Temperature Data Logger
  • SkyCell Savy Sensor
  • Controlant Saga
  • ITAG4 Bio

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